​Interested in playing? Come try out in September 2019 

Mark your calendars:

        Sept 17, 24 at 8:15pm

Aurora Ladies Volleyball League

Aurora Ladies Volleyball League | 155 Wellington St W, Aurora, Ontario L4G 3M2, Canada

2019/20 Season Starting Soon

Aurora Ladies Volleyball League


For general inquiries, please email Angie Whittick at alvl@rogers.com. For current players who have suggestions, questions, concerns, or compliments, please talk to your team captain or the league President or Vice-President.

2018/2019 Executive Team

President:  Angie Whittick                      

Vice-President:  Sunshine Matheson-Davies  

Secretary/Treasurer:  Roula DaSilva

Statistician/Web Master:  Cindy Choi


1. Jessica Robinson

2. Angie Whittick

3. Lisa Shin

4. Annie Chiang

5. ​Tori McMullen

​6. Padi Safdari